A number of people have asked how Maynooth is Judged in the National Tidy Towns competition so here is a is a quick run through of 10 criteria & one or two comments relevent to Maynooth:


  1. OVERALL DEVELOPMENT APPROCH - As part of the tidy towns entry we have to a 5 year rolling plan, deailing plans, partnerships to include business, schools, local organisations to raise the awareness & importance of the tidytowns in the community

  2. THE BUILT ENVIRONMENT -  This covers all aspects of the state buildings in Maynooth paintwork, signage, window displays, lighting etc.

  3. LANDSCAPING - this covers the impact of hanging backets,planters, the trees along the Mainstreet & Carton Avenue the castle area & the canal.

  4. Wildlife & Natural amenities -  Over the past few years we planted wild flowers in a number of areas in Maynooth e.g. joan slade river, the pound, the green etc.

  5. LITTER CONTROL  -  Litter control is very important part our work and also very important to encorage vistors and shoppers to our town.

  6. Waste minimisation - In this category we work very closely with the schools in promting the green flags initiative.

  7. TIDNESS -  Work on derelict sites, painting old hoardings and a very extensive weed control programme.

  8. RESIDENTIAL AREAS - The work of our residents associations come to the fore here and play a very important part with foral displays and well maintained green areas and litter control.

  9. ROADS, STREETS & BACK LANES -  This covers all aspects of road maintance and condition including approach roads.

  10. GENERAL IMPRESSION -  This is where the judge looks at Maynooth, our projects, our achievements, the level of surport in the community.

    The Cartonpark Roundabout

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