History of Tidy Towns in Maynooth

Tidy Towns is the second largest voluntary movement in Ireland after the GAA. Founded in 1958, there are groups active in most villages, towns and cities in Ireland. The first known record of Maynooth participating in the national competition date back to the late 1970s.

From 1984, the nucleus of the existing committee came into being when under the auspices of Maynooth Community Council.

Maynooth Tidy Towns wishes the organisers, participants and all concerned with the Maynooth Post School 10 K Gathering Weekend on the 17th, 18th 19th May every success with the various events taking place over the weekend.
We welcome this opportunity to inform members of the community through this publication about our work in Maynooth.
We have worked on a number of occasions with the MPPS Green School committee.
This year we have been joined on our Saturday morning clean ups by a group of Students from Maynooth Post Primary who are participating in The President’s Gaisce award programme. This group have done tremendous work for us and their efforts are greatly appreciated.
We plan also to have work parties out each Saturday morning meeting at Courthouse Square at 10am planting and tidying up various areas throughout the town.
Once the longer daylight hours start, we have a midweek tidy towns programme on a Wednesday evening, at 7.30pm and this would be weeding control and litter collection
Starting in May we have Sunday morning clean up meeting at 7.45am
A frequently asked question in relation to tidy towns is when the town judged by the National Tidy Town judges.
The answer to that is we do not know when the Judges come to Maynooth.
All we can say it is generally in June, so we must be ready for June 1st.
What criteria are used for judging in the National Competition here is a quick run through of the 10 criteria used.

As part of our tidy towns entry which covers all details of the work of the tidy towns committee over a 12 month period, we have to submit a 5 year rolling plan, what partnerships we have developed, schools, green flags received, what local organisations do we work with, the awareness and importance of the environment in the local community.

This section deals with all aspects of the state of buildings in Maynooth, colour scheme, painting, window displays , lighting etc. renovations.

This covers the impact of floral displays, planters, the trees along the Main Street, Carton Avenue, the Castle area and the canal and harbour area.

Over the past few years we have planted wild flowers and grasses in a number of areas e.g. Joan Slade river information board erected. The Pound and the Green have also been planted in the pound an information board has been installed.
At Duke’s Harbour a new information board has been erected

Litter control is a very important part of our work and to encourage visitors and shoppers to our town. We work closely with our colleagues in the neighbouring towns and with the relevant authorities. We have litter pickups at various times during the week.

This has become a very important part of tidy towns covering topics such as recycling, green flags, home composting, newspaper articles, workshops.

How does the town look, any derelict sites, parking areas, illegal signage, building sites, hoardings etc.

This is an area where Maynooth is scoring very well every year thanks to the great work of the residents associations. Our adopt a space policy has been taken on board by the residents association.

This part of the report looks at the work done on approach roads, streets and back lanes.

This is where the Judge looks at the whole application and his/her view of the town on the day that Maynooth was visited.

Volunteers Needed:
We are always looking for volunteers if you think you can help please contact MAYNOOTH TIDY TOWNS 087-3153189